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Weyauwega, WI

Weyauwega, WI
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Our Weyauwega facility, currently in its third generation proudly possesses a heritage passed down from the late Jacob H. Wagner. He operated many small cheese plants while raising five sons. In 1961, the five, second generation members pooled their resources and milk supplies to form one large plant in Weyauwega. This was done in order to handle cheese, whey and Grade A milk more efficiently. The Weyauwega facility has evolved to its present modern operations through management who have been sensitive to the need for quality products and flexible in the face of changing technology. Working hand-in-hand with Kraft Foods, the Weyauwega facility pioneered the development of the “640 Square Barrel” used to hold and store natural cheese for cutting. One of our specialties in the cheese industry is the production of a fine aged cheese that is cheddared in the traditional manner. Special ingredients and equipment are vital to the production process as we aspire to produce the finest product for our customers.

Although sharp cheddar cheese is our signature cheese, in 1986 the Weyauwega facility started a feta cheese operation to compete in the specialty cheese market. One of our cheesemakers has already garnered awards for our feta cheese, sold primarily in retail stores. We have also benefited from the early involvement in the handling and marketing of whey. Currently, we work with Ross Laboratories; they use our lactose whey powder in their production of infant formulas. Reduced Lactose whey powder is sold for use in certain animal feeds.

Cheese types produced

– Aged Cheddar
– Feta

Ingredients produced

– Lactose
– Reduced Lactose Whey